What you should wear to work if you are a plus size

Ok, let’s face this up upfront:

We do have every reason to crib that there is a very big void in the stores offering plus sized clothing for real women as well as offering them flattering cuts and a stylish fit to them. But while working, aren’t everyone expected to be dressed impeccably well irrespective of their sizes and body type.

The premise is that there is no escape whatsoever from the reality that the way we dress in front of our bosses, colleagues and clients has a direct bearing on our career and our ambitions. While at work, we can far from afford being dowdy and dressed down.

What do we do then?

In situations like this, we have to face life like a pro. Yes, agreed that there are not too many stores offering great clothes in this retail sector and we understand your frustration when after countless expeditions to various stores what you actually get of your size fits so badly that they look like they have been half heartedly designed and worse of all put in one small corner of the mega store. Life is indeed not fair. Here are some tips that can help you dress smartly even if you are a plus size.

What tops to choose when at work?

If you are well endowed on the top then you must opt for a top that nicely covers your bosom without the neck line being too low to show cleavage or the neck line being too high up too. The balance may be reached by actually using a measuring tape in front of the mirror and determining it personally for yourself to be the optimum height of the neckline for your top. The trappings of having too high a neckline is that it can make you look too heavy on the top and it may also give you a bad fit near your armholes which may fall shabbily around your chest.

If you do not find a readymade top with the perfect neck height that suits your body type then you should go for a similar color camisole or a camivest inside it to raise the neck line. Another no-no is the gap between the buttons in your top. Your tugging the blouse can be as much a distraction at work as much as disastrous to your self confidence.

The right trousers for work:

Work pants are trousers that fit well and fall below the knee on to your shoes. If the trouser resembles a legging then by no means can it ever be worn to office. The colour of the suit and the pant must be well coordinated. And special care must be taken that the trouser sits comfortably well around the waist and does not slip off with movement or walking.

Dresses or skirts for work:

Knee long skirts and dresses are best when you work on shop floors and if you have a job that requires you to sit for too long. Anything above the knees may not make a cut especially if you have well endowed thighs. The tightness at the hemline can be determined by taking a full step without your legs touching the contour of your skirt. This is the best way to determine the width of the skirt.

Put your best foot forward:

The most appropriate footwear to work is a medium heeled closed toe sandal in neutral shades like black, tan and burgundy. Wearing high heels to work may not be comfortable especially if your work involves working around the office and walking all day on the shop floor. Most offices have a policy telling the employees what footwear to wear. In case there is no policy in place then you may opt to have an extra pair in your office closet just in case you feel like wearing something different.

Does the right dressing choice influence your success at work?

In certain industries like fashion and marketing as also in finance, a lot of emphasis is given on dressing up well not to mean that the other fields allows for shoddy dressing. According to some surveys, 55 percent of the working people interviewed believe that the prospects of promotions are better for employees who consistently dress well. About fifty percent of the respondents in the same survey fell into the plus sized category who said that they consciously made an effort to look professional by dressing up and that they have noticed all the positive changes that it is capable of creating in their career and their professional lives.  

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